Deadly monsoon rains wreak havoc in Balochistan

 The abnormal devastating monsoon rains in Balochistan have wreaked havoc with massive collateral destruction and life losses due to floods in the region.

The provincial government despite efforts failed to ensure relief and protection of the masses from floods despite the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) issued a warning that the country was expected to receive “above average rainfall” during the monsoon season this year.

At least 196 people including 96 men, 45 women and 55 children lost their lives amid the heavy rains and floods in Balochistan during the monsoon season being started on June 10 in the country.

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) reported that the heavy rains caused the loss of over 500000 livestock and damaged 198,461 acres of crops in Balochistan.

According to data shared by the PDMA, 81 people, including 49 men, 12 women, and 20 children were injured due to floods, while over 10000 people were displaced.

The PDMA reported that a total of 21,027 houses were damaged or demolished due to the floods in the province. Eight different highways with 960 km in length and 18 bridges were damaged due to the floods, it added.

Moreover, tube wells, solar panels and other forms of communication are severely damaged due to the rains.

Around 25 dams have washed away and many link roads have been destroyed in the province due to heavy rain. The train service has also been affected due to floodwater in the area. Scores of cattle head have perished and crops and orchards ruined.