Economic indicators were on the right track during our Govt: Imran Khan

Imran Khan said that all our economic indicators were on the right track, the economic survey report released by the current government proved, adding that according to the report, Pakistan s economy was growing at 6% and this kind of development was taking place in the economy of Pakistan, after 17 years, whereas, during the Musharraf era, dollars were coming, so there was development.

Khan further said agriculture was growing at 4.4% during his government, while IT exports increased by 75 percent in two years due to the support of the technology sector. The government s full focus was on technology and IT sector and we were taking Pakistan towards welfare state for the first time.

“My government introduced health card in Pakistan, gave health insurance to poor people, adding that there are big countries where health card or health insurance facilities are still not available and the world praised our policy for starting health card due to which for the first time poor people were getting treatment from private hospitals with health card.