Economic Survey 2021-22 is proof of advancement and economic growth during PTI government : Imran Khan

PTI Chairman and former PM Imran Khan stated on Thursday that the Economic Survey 2021-2022 has proven that PTI’s claims about Pakistan’s advancement and economic growth were accurate.

Speaking on a private TV channel show, he remarked that the statistics from the study suggested that Pakistan was thriving during his government. The PTI government has set Pakistan on the path to economic progress in the last two years, he said, adding that Pakistan was headed in the right direction.

Imran noted that the economic survey had endorsed that Pakistan’s GDP was 5.74% during the third year of the PTI’s government, adding the FBR had collected a record tax of Rs6,100 billion, while exports that were frozen when the PTI came into power had touched the $32 billion mark.

Moreover, he said that foreign remittances had witnessed a record increase owing to trust in the PTI government by overseas Pakistanis. When he talked about what his government had done for agriculture, he said that production had gone up by 4.4% and that farmers were getting the price of crops on time for the first time.

He said they did not succumb to the pressure of the International Monetary Fund and kept the interests of the people above everything else and provided them with maximum relief. He pointed out that the PTI government was also asked by the IMF to jack up fuel and electricity prices, but they refused to accept the harsh conditions. He went on to say that during the PTI’s tenure, the petrol price was jacked up by a mere Rs55 per litre, but the ‘imported government’ had raised its price by Rs60 in just 15 days.