Establishment must “stay away” from by-elections: Sheikh Rasheed

Former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed on Saturday warned the establishment to “stay away” from the by-polls in Punjab tomorrow. In a video message on Twitter, the Awami Muslim League leader said: “I want to say something very important to the establishment. Tomorrow is a very important day. I have never witnessed such an election ever in Pakistan’s history.”

“I wish to request them to stay away from the election. The nation will not tolerate any kind of rigging or bullying. You have to prove in tomorrow’s election you are impartial,” he continued. Rasheed went on to censure the “foolish” government for deliberating on whether it should initiate legal proceedings against PTI leaders under Article 6. “This is an additional note by the Supreme Court. Not a judgment. These people lack wisdom, these [people] who have been foisted on to this nation with a vote or two extra,” the former minister said. Continuing his warning, the AML leader said that if the nation votes for PTI Chairman Imran Khan, then “no obstacles must be created” in the party’s path and the result “must be accepted”.

“If its path is blocked, this country will witness an inferno which will engulf everyone. This is why tomorrow is a test for Pakistan’s political stability,” Rasheed said.