European Parliament holds debate on Pakistan’s catastrophic floods

A debate was held in the European Parliament’s plenary sessions in Strasbourg, France, last evening, regarding the humanitarian situation following the devastating floods in Pakistan.

The debate was aimed at discussing the EU response to the situation in Pakistan and how to mitigate the extreme weather consequences of the climate-induced crisis.

The Ambassador of Pakistan to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg Dr Asad Majeed Khan attended the special debate.

The debate was opened by the Minister of European Affairs of the Czech Republic Mikulas Bek, followed by European Commissioner of Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski.

Several Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) belonging to different political groups participated in the debate. Expressing solidarity with the people of Pakistan, the MEPs underscored the need for scaling up assistance and support for Pakistan in view of the unprecedented scale of the disaster. 

The  climate change dimension of the disaster also came under focus in the debate.

It is pertinent to indicate that Ambassador Asad briefed the influential DEVE Committee of the European Parliament on the flood situation in Pakistan during the last week of September 2022.