FO rebuts reports of ‘disavowing’ Tariq Fatemi’s US trip

The Foreign Office on Thursday termed as ‘factually incorrect and misleading’ a new item stating that the FO had ‘disavowed’ the visit of Special Assistant to Prime Minister, Tariq Fatemi to Washington.

“The media story about SAPM Tariq Fatemi’s visit to Washington is factually incorrect and misleading,” Foreign Office Spokesperson Asim Iftikhar in response to a question.

The spokesperson said during the SAPM’s private visit to Washington D.C., his meetings were facilitated by the Pakistan embassy in Washington.

“Officials of the Embassy also participated in the meetings. There was therefore no question of ‘disavowing’ it,” he said.

The Spokesperson said he had never stated that the “Foreign Office did not play any role in his meeting with US officials.” “Misleading reports and speculation are unhelpful and must be avoided,”he said.