Govt alliance announced to boycott the Supreme Court proceedings


The ruling alliance announced to boycott the Supreme Court proceedings after the apex court rejected the plea to form a full court bench on petitions related to the recently held Punjab chief minister’s re-election — including a review of its interpretation of Article 63-A.

Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman along with other leaders in a press conference said that they suggested the full court bench for the supremacy of justice, the full court was suggested. Unfortunately, the judiciary rejected our demand instead of accepting it. “If the full court is rejected, we also reject this decision of the judiciary, we will not appear before this bench and we will boycott the case,” he added. “We also want to say that there is a long history in this political system of such decisions by the judges that have created instability and destroyed the continuation of government policies, which has also created the economic crisis.

“This government wants no institution to interferes in the work that impacts the administrative functioning. Otherwise, we will advise the prime minister and the parliament to legislate so that the public’s trust in courts [could be restored].