Imran to unveil plan over countering ‘fascism’ on August 13

 PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday announced that he would unveil his plan of action to counter ‘fascism’ at his party’s power show in Islamabad “six days from now” on Saturday.

Sharing his thoughts on Twitter, the former prime minister lashed out at the coalition government, saying that a group of thieves have been brought into power through US conspiracy. He penned, “People of Kufa, despite knowing our beloved Prophet (PBUH)’s Grandson was on the path of truth, did not come to help out of fear of Yazid & allowed the greatest tragedy of Islam to happen.”

PTI Chairman also penned, “Every era has its Yazids. Pakistan is facing Yazidiyat (fascism) today in the form of rule by a cabal of crooks and their handlers brought to power through US regime change conspiracy.”

The former premier posed the question and said, Will our people bow down before this conspiracy in fear or, as a nation, face up to the challenge? On 13 Aug at our Haqeeqi Azadi jalsa I will announce our plan to counter this fascism.