Khan calls for free and fair general elections

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Monday again called for holding free and fair general elections in the country to avoid political turmoil.

PTI’s landslide victory in Punjab by-polls Addressing the nation after winning by-elections in Punjab, while expressing joy over the historic Punjab by-elections, Imran Khan thanked his party supporters and said that “This is a delightful time for the entire nation, now we are heading towards becoming an ideological nation.

The nation has rejected the foreign slavery and rejected the conspirators and turncoats.” “PTI had defeated the entire state machinery which was openly used in the by-elections.” Imran said. Taking a dig at the country’s system, the former PM said that this is a misfortune of the country that the elites have kept their money abroad and bought precious flats in London, adding that these culprits have ruined the Quaid’s vision and put the country into artificial crisis.

Imran urges CEC to step down Continuing his speech, Imran lashed out at the Election Commission of Pakistan and said that if the election is to be held in the same way as the by-elections, the crisis in the country will surge. He further said that the government used entire state machinery against the PTI, adding that police harassed PTI’s workers. The Election commission was unable to stop the state machinery despite the apex court’s verdict.

“I am disappointed in the chief election commissioner. How could he let all this happen? He is not competent to run [the Election Commission of Pakistan] and he should immediately step down from the position” Imran said. Khan calls for free and fair general elections The PTI supremo said’’ Now, no one can decide the future of Pakistan in a closed room and whoever steals the mandate will be defeated like PML-N.” He added that free and fair general elections are the only way to get the country out of political crises. PTI to move SC against NAB amendments Imran Khan said that the incumbent rulers made amendments in NAB to waive Rs1100 billion. “I am going to the Supreme Court to challenge the NAB amendments,” the former PM said