Leghari slams PTI for ‘wasting three years’

Presenting the budget proposals, which were earlier approved by the cabinet, Laghari criticised the previous PTI-led government, saying its policies stalled development in the province for the last three years.

“Data shows that during the period 2019-22, there has neither been a single development programme worth mentioning nor has the province witnessed any social welfare programme,” he said, blaming the PTI government for “wasting three years in framing false cases” against the opposition. 

Recalling the last budget of the PML-N government for the fiscal year 2017-18, the provincial finance minister highlighted that at the time, the country’s GDP growth was rising at a steady pace and that the per capita income had reached $1,629. 

He added that foreign investment was pouring in as Pakistan was declared an investment-safe country, the stock market was the second-best in Asia and international institutions were recognising Pakistan’s growth.

The provincial minister accused the PTI-led government of not paying attention to the energy issues which led to other problems, including unemployment, poverty, and inflation, among others.