‘Never seen such acts,’ Nawaz Sharif says about Imran Khan’s tenure

PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif Sunday castigated PTI Chairman Imran Khan and claimed that he has “never seen such acts” that were committed during the latter’s tenure.

In a press conference, described as “heart-to-heart”, the former prime minister said that the acts of the “tyrants” — Khan and company — are gradually being exposed, and in the coming days, more facts about them will come to the fore. 

“Each and everything that they have done is being exposed before the nation.”

“He has taken a U-turn with regard to everything. He claimed that he would prefer dying by suicide instead of striking a deal with the IMF. The nation is still waiting for him to take his own life [as per his claims],” he said.

Nawaz then referenced the alleged audio clip of former chief justice Saqib Nisar, in which he can be purportedly heard telling another person that the PML-N supremo and Maryam would have to be punished to make space for Khan in politics.

“What more evidence do you want […] We faced injustice repeatedly, but no judge took a suo motu notice of that. Judge Arshad Malik has accepted that he was pressurised into convicting me,” he said.

Nawaz claimed that during his tenure, Pakistan was moving towards becoming a strong economy as terrorism was almost eliminated and the financial position of the country was also strengthening.

“I thought of Pakistan becoming a strong nation. They [PTI] claim to adhere to the ‘absolutely not’ police, but well, they did nothing. It was I who said ‘absolutely not’ when I was handed $5 billion on a platter,” he said.

Despite the PML-N government completing its IMF programme, the Imran Khan-led regime forced Pakistan to go back to the money lender and beg for loans.

“Everything — from daily use items to luxury — became expensive. We had ended loadshedding, but Imran restarted it. Imran also deteriorated Pakistan’s relationship with other countries,” Nawaz said.

Nawaz said his services were “matchless”, but Khan came to power and “destroyed everything”.

“This is nothing except revenge. If you wanted to take revenge, you could have taken it from me, but you put Pakistan’s future at stake,” the PML-N supremo added.