Police seize weapons and arrest three in sheikhupura : Punjab By- polls

Police have seized latest weapons and arrested three suspects in Sheikhupura during polling for crucial Punjab Assembly seats.

According to DPO Faisal Mukhtar, police personnel stopped a suspicious car and upon checking latest weapons were found in the vehicle.

Police arrested the three suspects and warned that violation of law on polling day will not be tolerated under any circumstances. It merits mention that a total of 4.57 million registered voters, including 2.46 million women, are eligible to vote in the by-polls. A total of 3140 polling stations, including 731 male, 700 female and 1700 combined polling stations have been established across the 20 constituencies. A total of 9,562 polling booths have been set up for the by-polls. The ECP has declared 1204 polling stations sensitive and 696 highly sensitive. Polling stations from Lahore and Multan have also been declared sensitive.

Provincial Election Commissioner Saeed Gul has said that the Election Commission is completely neutral and there is no truth in the allegations, they are working according to the Constitution and the law. The Punjab Assembly has a total of 371 members, of which 20 seats are vacant at the moment, bringing the total number of MPAs in the Punjab Assembly down to 351.

The PML-N has 163 members. On the other side is the Opposition, therefore the PTI, which is 163 MPAs strong at the moment. In the house, there are five independents, of which Chaudhry Nisar, the former interior minister, is unlikely to vote.

While the PPP has 7 MPAs, PML-Q has 10, and the Rah-e-Haq party has one. As per the rules of the Punjab Assembly, the chief minister is elected with a simple majority, therefore 186 votes out of the 371-seat assembly