PTI and PML-N have a system to rig the elections : Imran Khan

Imran Khan said that the Chief Election Commissioner strongly opposed EVMs, both of these parties have a system to rig the elections.
Imran Khan said, “Our effort in the by-election was how to stop them from rigging, two weeks ago we held a meeting to stop them from rigging.”

The former prime minister said that PTI has become a big party as leaders like Murad Saeed have emerged in PTI through ISF.
Imran said, “We will hold elections in the party after the general elections. We will conduct inter-party elections using technology, this bipartisanship has ended in front of us

The PTI chairman said that by rolling out EVMs, 130 methods of rigging could have been eliminated but unfortunately the Chief Election Commissioner broke the EVMs.

Imran Khan said that one of the reasons for the country’s problems is the lack of ideology, which means that the culture of power politics is prevalent.

Taking a swipe at senior leaders of both PML-N and PPP, Imran Khan said that both the parties have been criticizing each other since 1988.

Condemning both the parties, the former prime minister said that in the past both the parties have accused each other and they have no ideology.

Imran further said that he was not ousted due to corruption, but these rulers have been exposed in three months.

Imran claimed that their (coalition government) purpose of ruling was to get NRO, not to get rid of inflation.

The PTI chairman said that the public is certainly under the burden of inflation, but the rulers are busy in waving the cases filed against them.