‘PTI’s questions haven’t been addressed’: Mazari

 Mazari , in response to what was said by military leadership in an interview, said that, it was an opinion that it was an interference not a conspiracy, but saying those who disagree with this opinion are telling lies is an insult.

She said that “they” also said that an investigation was conducted and a report was presented but no such report was presented in the NSC meeting where the cipher was discussed.

She said that PTI raised a major question on the point on which the cipher started — which meant that the decision to visit Russia was solely Imran Khan’s — but it hasn’t been responded to as yet.

“There was a consensus of the entire establishment and retired ambassadors on the visit at the time on who fed the wrong information to the US government that they started the cipher with this matter,” Mazari said.

She said that the party is preparing a list and compiling incidents before the no-confidence motion on when and which American embassy officials met the PTI dissidents and Noor Alam.

“Why did they meet Raja Riaz. Did they meet to discuss foreign policy?” she asked.

Mazari further stated that the third question was why then foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was kept unaware about the cipher. The cipher was shown to the foreign minister only when he demanded, she added.

“If the military leadership found that it was an interference while the entire civilian leadership believed it was a conspiracy then someone has to find the answer on this.”

Mazari said that the nation wants to know who made the conspiracy and who was involved in it because it ruined the economy of Pakistan, while a political turmoil persists in Punjab.