Punjab assembly passed the Finance Bill 2022-23

provincial assembly on Wednesday passed the Punjab Finance Bill 2022-23 with the majority.

Punjab Assembly passed budget proposals worth over Rs27 trillion for the upcoming fiscal year’s budget.

For ensuring law and order in the province in the next fiscal year of 2022-23 over Rs1.49 trillion was approved by the Punjab Assembly. For Education, Rs81.5billion. for health, Rs1.83 trillion were approved by the provincial assembly. Allocation of Rs20.4 billion was passed with the majority for the agriculture sector and Rs24.9 billion for the irrigation department.

Proposal worth Rs8.9 billion was passed for the communication and Rs1.1 trillion for the construction of roads and bridges in Punjab during FY-2022-23.

Rs.3.1 trillion has been okayed for the provision of pensions to the retired employees in Punjab, while Rs42.6 have been allocated for the provision of subsidies. Rs55.5 billion have been approved for the investment in the province, while Rs.11.4 billion have been allocated for the industries in Punjab. All the budget proposals were passed with a majority in the house.