Report reveals transfer of money collected for charity in UK to PTI

 A report released by a British newspaper claimed that money collected as charity in UK was transferred to the political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

According to a British newspaper report, Abraaj Group founder Arif Naqvi collected money for PTI in the name of charity.

The report stated that T20 matches were held in Great Britain for the purpose and also the money received from various sources was transferred to PTI.

Arif Naqvi used Wootton Cricket Limited, a Cayman Islands-based company, to bankroll PTI, added the report.

It was further explained that Arif Naqvi organized cricket events. A cricket match was even played at Arif Naqvi’s palatial residence in Oxfordshire.

It has been said in the report that the fee was given to Wootton Cricket Limited, which was actually a company registered in the Cayman Islands and was owned by Arif Naqvi. While, the amount generated was used to be given to PTI co-fund.

The report further claimed that several companies and individuals have given millions of dollars of funds to Wootton Cricket. A minister from the royal family of Abu Dhabi also gave 2 million pounds.