SC verdict is first step towards PML-N’s victory: Hamza Shahbaz

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader and former Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz on Tuesday shared his views after the Supreme Court overturned the ruling of the Deputy Speaker, saying this is not a defeat but it is his party’s first step towards victory.

Hamza  took to Twitter and wrote that the principle of neutrality has been killed by rejecting the coalition government’s request of forming the full court.

Hamza Shahbaz expressed sorrow over the SC s decision, saying that the government that was elected by the votes of the people had been overthrown by a “controversial decision.
He said that over the past four months, the largest province of the nation has turned into a “laughing stock”.

Hamza also posed the question and said “Has the status of the assembly become a rubber stamp”?

Hamza continued by saying that when the top court denied the PML-N’s request for a full bench, justice was slain.

”My politics is for the people and not for positions,” he declared.

He also added that “illegal” attempts to prevent him from leading the province have been made ever since he took the oath of office.

Hamza stated that he would not compromise on his quest to save Pakistan.