Sibtain Khan confirms defection of PTI MPA

Leader of the opposition in the Punjab Assembly Sibtain Khan on Wednesday confirmed the defection of one Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA). While, confirming the defection of PTI leader, Sibtain Khan said that bidding has been done from Rahim Yar Khan to purchase MPA Mian Masood.

Sibtain Khan said that today the counting of 175 MPAs was completed during the parliamentary party meeting. He claimed that PTI will manage to complete 187 MPAs tomorrow’s meeting of the parliamentary party.

Giving the reason of the absence of some of the PTI MPAs during the today’s parliamentary party meeting, Sibtain said that some of the members were not managed to reach the meeting today, because some were ill and others were out of the city. It should be noted that on July 22, the election of the Chief Minister will be held in the Punjab Assembly.