Surge in power shortfall, load-shedding increased up to 8 hours

The duration of load shedding has reached up to eight hours as the shortfall of electricity across the country continues to increase.

The shortfall of electricity has reached 6 thousand 65 MW, while the total demand for electricity has reached 28 thousand 500 MW.

According to the sources, at present the total production of electricity is 22 thousand 435 MW, adding that six thousand 600 MW of electricity is being generated from hydel and also thermal power plants are generating 1,120 MW of electricity.

Furthermore, the total production from private sector power plants is up to 11 thousand MW. Wind power plants are generating 1100 MW and solar plants are generating 170 MW of electricity.

Aside from that, the power generation from bagasse is 160 MW. Two thousand 285 MW electricity is being generated from nuclear fuel.

The energy sources added that, the duration of load shedding in villages is even more than eight hours.