Will not allow PTI to protest outside ECP office: Rana Sanaullah

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Wednesday the government will not grant PTI supporters permission to enter Red Zone and to protest outside the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Talking to the media along with Federal Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb, Sanaullah said that in case of any adventure from the PTI, strict action will be taken.

Rana went on to say that the PTI could stage protest at H-9, instead of the Red Zone area.

Rana said that there is information, that PTI could attack the ECP. In the name of the protest, PTI wants to spread anarchy and mischief in the country, added Rana.

Interior Minister said staging a protest in a peaceful manner is everyone’s right.

Rana lashed out at Imran Khan, saying that after the ECP verdict, it has been proved that Imran Khan is a foreign agent, adding that PTI Chairman is responsible to damage the politics of the country by spreading agitation.

Taking a swipe at Imran, Rana said that after the decision of the ECP, it has been proved that Imran Khan is a foreign agent, adding that the PTI chairman is responsible for damaging the country’s politics by spreading the movement.

Interior Minister took a jibe at Imran, saying that the PTI Chairman is responsible for rolling out the culture of using foul language in the country. He further said that the basic decisions will be taken in the Federal Cabinet meeting.

Sharing his views on the ECP’s verdict, Sanaullah said that the decision has highlighted criminal activities, including money laundering, malpractices and fake accounts.

Rana said that the government is reviewing based on the ECP verdict. He further said that the government will act according to the constitution and law.

If necessary, the government will arrest someone or put someone’s name on the ECL, Sanaullah warned.

Raising the question, the Interior Minister said whether the SC is made up of only a three-member bench.

Clearing the air over the return of PML-N supremo and former premier to the country, Rana said that Nawaz himself will take decision over his return to the country.