Winner of by-polls should be given the province charge

 Punjab Chief Hamza Shahbaz on Friday while reacting to the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Punjab chief minister election said that during the by-elections on July 17, whichever party the public chose should be given the province’s charge.

Talking to the media after the Supreme Court decision, the Punjab Chief Minister said that Punjab has suffered a constitutional crisis for the last several months. Punjab’s constitutional crisis can get entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, he added.

“I have accepted the court’s decisions with an open heart because I have nothing to hide,” Hamza Said.

He further said that during the by-elections, whichever party the public chose should be given the province’s charge. “By the grace of Allah, Almighty PML-N will win the elections,” he said.

While highlighting his government’s performance, Hamza Shahbaz said that despite the crisis we gave a subsidy of Rs 200 billion to the people of Punjab. In all the districts of Punjab, DHQ, and THQ, all medicines including cancer are going to be available free of cost, adding that he has completed the promises which he made not like Imran Khan who remained failed to fulfil.

Rebuking the PTI government, he said that the previous government’s decision not to go to IMF was a big mistake, Imran Khan wasted 6 months by not going to IMF due to this we have to raise the petrol prices to save the country from bankruptcy. Despite the difficulties, we are providing relief to the people, he added.