Anyone tried to take law into hands will be dealt with an iron hand: Rana Sanaullah

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Monday said that martyrs of Pakistan army were symbol of respect and dignity and the entire nation saluted their unprecedented sacrifices.

He was talking to media persons here after condoling with the brother of Brigadier Muhammad Khalid who sacrificed his life while serving the flood affectees in Balochistan. He said that his bother Faisal had disclosed that Brigadier Muhammad Khalid had wished martyrdom and Allah Almighty fulfilled his desire.

Appreciating the role of Pak army in war and peace, the minister said that during national calamities the army stood with the masses to give them much-needed relief. It was only due to their sacrifices that the nation had inherent love for the Pak army, he added.

He said that families of the martyrs had great esteem and he would be pleased to serve the families of martyrs if they had any problem.

Responding to a question about negative propaganda against the martyrs, he said that each and every patriotic Pakistani loved Pak army but a smear social media campaign was launched with ulterior motives to divide the nation. It was a deep-rooted conspiracy which might push the country towards a major setback if immediately remedial action was not taken, he added. He said that it was only due to the sacrifices of the martyrs that such elements defaming Pakistan army had been exposed and every Pakistani was condemning their action.

He said that Imran Khan had emerged as a foreign agent as the decision of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had clearly indicated that he had been receiving dollars from the foreign and hostile countries.

Responding to a question, the minister said that Fawad Chaudhry had given a statement in his favor and now he was satisfying PTI leaders by hurling allegations.

He said that federation and provinces were part of a system. “We acknowledge rights of the provinces and the provinces should also respond in the same spirit,” he added.

He said that Imran Khan had said that he would hold a protest demonstration in Islamabad on August 13 in which he would give government a one-month ultimatum to announce for the general election. The minister said that Imran Khan should first remove the Chief Election Commissioner upon whom he had expressed ‘no trust’. When new election commissioner would come, then he should demand for fresh election, Sanaullah added.

He said peaceful protestation was the right of every political party and they were allowed to hold public gathering but if anybody tried to take law into hands, he would be dealt with an iron hand.