Bar councils demands amendment to Supreme Court Rules

The bar councils have demanded amendment in the Supreme Court Rules and said that the power of the Chief Justice to fix cases and create benches should be regulated.

The Supreme Court Bar Association and Bar Councils have issued a joint statement demanding that the Supreme Court Rules be amended and the constitutional provisions related to the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court be amended.

The joint declaration demanded that the Chief Justice s power to fix cases and create benches be regulated and formation of bench should be at the discretion of the five most senior judges. The Supreme Court Rules should be amended to distinguish the bench hearing revisional appeals from the bench hearing the main case, it said. Bar councils have no personal interest and are not affiliated with any party.

According to the declaration, the Bar Councils strongly condemn the appointment of junior judges to the Supreme Court, adding that the constitutional provisions of the appointment of judges should be amended, whereas, the government should immediately withdraw the curative review against Justice Faez Isa.