Corruption increased during tenure of Imran Khan: PM

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Saturday said corruption increased during tenure of Imran Khan as per Transparency International Report and even transfers and postings were on sale. In tweets on social media platform Twitter, he said,

“Imran Niazi suffers from a memory loss & needs a few reminders. One, as per a Transparency International report, corruption increased during his rule. Even transfers/postings were on sale in addition to big scams.” “Two, the people are paying the price of how he mismanaged the economy,” he said adding, “three, Imran Niazi deeply hurt the global prestige & standing of the country and its relations with friendly countries.

Four, he has lost a sense of balance in his lust for power, which is evidenced by his habitual recourse to lies, propaganda & blatant twisting of facts.”