Education minister lauds teachers’ role in nation building

 Minister for Education and Professional Training Rana Tanveer Hussain on Wednesday lauded the role of teachers in nation’s building and development of society.

While addressing the Academic Excellence Award Ceremony held at Islamabad Model College for Girls (IMCG) F-7/4 in connection with World Teachers Day, Rana Tanveer Hussain felicitated the teachers for providing their outstanding services to the new generations. “Such events should be held every year to present tribute to the teachers,” he added.

He said that teachers perform their duties well as nations’ future was linked to them. “I always supported my officers and stood besides them since inception in my practical life,” he informed.

The minister stressed to avoid bribery and mentioned that there were many officers who were considered to be negative among the people.

The Education Minister said that he was taking Rs 200,000 salary as a federal minister, adding that there were so many people working under me who were getting Rs7.7 million but they did not work. “Our secretary’s salary is more than mine,” he said.

Rana further added that he was serving the nation and the country without any personal interest. “I have a lot of respect for teachers as they have an esteemed status in the society,” he told.

He lauded the role of mother for children’s education.

He vowed to serve the country and nation as an education minister with revived rigour and passion.

The Federal Minister appreciated the role of teachers for bringing the children to a higher position and added that without the help of teachers, no nation can develop.

He said that hard working teachers have still respect in the society and institutions.