Fawad Chaudhary claims that the “Israeli lobby” was behind the fall of Arif Naqvi

Fawad Chaudhary claimed that the “Israeli lobby” was behind the fall of Arif Naqvi and his equity firm Abraaj.

Blaming the Jewish state of Israel, Fawad Chaudhary said: “Arif Naqvi’s Abraaj had grown to the value of $14 billion. The Israeli lobby doesn’t like whenever a Muslim, in particular a Pakistani, rises in influence beyond a certain limit. The US has filed a case against Arif Naqvi and the case is that he has violated the US financial laws. The BCCI was closed over similar allegations. Why should we become part of this propaganda when we know that the Israeli lobby is behind all this.”

The former premier defended Arif Naqvi after the FT has revealed in an investigation that Abraaj founder Arif Naqvi’s Cayman Islands-incorporated company Wootton Cricket Ltd was used to bankroll Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) after receiving funds from companies and individuals including at least £2mn in April 2013 from an influential Arab figure.