India a major source of terrorism in region: FO

The Foreign Office spokesperson Asim Iftikhar on Friday said that India had been a major source of terrorism in the region which continued to utilize the scourge as an instrument of state policy.

The spokesperson, in his weekly press briefing, said the terrorism from the eastern neighborhood was mostly directed against Pakistan. He said that Pakistan had long been informing the international community that under the guise of their presence in Afghanistan, India had been exploiting that situation, to the detriment of Pakistan’s security by financing, aiding and abetting, planning and executing terrorist and subversive activities in Pakistan. He said Pakistan had shared the situation with key members of the international community, including the P-5, and in the UN system.

He said it was not that whenever there was a dialogue, Pakistan would raise these issues, specifically and strongly and “it is not that we shy away from this dialogue, because we think and it is the factual situation on ground that it is India, which is responsible for this kind of environment in our neighborhood, and we would very much take it up,” he added.