No connection between Imran’s Russia visit and no vote of confidence says FM Bilawal Bhutto

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari Monday stressed that PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s visit to Russia had no connection with the no-confidence motion moved by the coalition government against him. 

Talking to journalists in the Parliament, Bilawal said that Pakistan has the same stance regarding the Russia-Ukraine war that the previous government had. “Pakistan stood at a neutral position and it still does,” he added. 

Former prime minister Imran had alleged that the United States and the then-Opposition had joined hands to oust him through the no-confidence motion as he had decided to visit Russia.

“If there was a link between Khan’s visit and the no-confidence motion, then the incumbent government’s policy towards Russia would have been different,” said the foreign minister. 

Talking about the Ukraine war,  Bilawal said Pakistan believes that the war should end through diplomacy and dialogue as it was damaging the country, region, and its people. 

Bilawal said Pakistan used to import wheat and fertiliser from Ukraine, however, the country is facing a food and energy crisis due to war.