PTI candidate Malik Hassan Aslam Khan PP 83, meets groups regarding by-elections

Malik Umar Aslam Khan MNA meets Malik Ikram, Raja Azhar Abbas, Malik Mansoor and Nasir Hayat in Jauharabad.

Political discussion in the meeting, where Malik Ikram and Raja Azhar announced their full support for PTI candidate Malik Hassan Aslam Khan from PP 83 in the upcoming elections.


Ideal Fabrics Jauharabad PTI’s young workers met PTI candidate PP 83 Malik Hassan Aslam one to one.

In which Hamid Shah, Chaudhry Amir, Shahbaz Aslam, Chaudhary Farooq, Chaudhury Shahid Advocate, Dr. Mustafa Sahib announced full support for PP 83 candidate Malik Hassan Aslam. A large number of young friends were present on this occasion.