Imran Khan confessed to being ‘selected’, says Khaqan Abbasi

Former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi says PTI Chairman Imran Khan has confessed to being “selected”. 

“The hallmark of Imran Khan is that his statements from two different days do not match,” said the PML-N leader on Thursday. 

“Imran Khan should tell the nation if it was the establishment that brought him to power in the 2018 elections. He may say that it was by mistake that he entered politics. It was [the] establishment that dragged me into power after [the] 2018 elections.”

He said most of the PML-N leaders were put behind bars during his [Imran Khan’s] four years in power. Now, he should reveal if it was he or the establishment that made such decisions, he said. 

“Similarly, national debts increased manifold in his tenure. He should tell if the establishment was responsible for this volume of debts,” he said. 

Imran Khan, while addressing a seminar on August 18, criticised the establishment and asked them to review their policies as there is still time left to make changes. Referring to the incumbent government, he said that the establishment imposed these “thieves” upon Pakistan.

Following the order of the remand’s extension, the PTI leader’s condition started to deteriorate and after hours-long drama, he was shifted to the Pakistan Institute Of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital from Adiala Jail.

A four-member medical board also unanimously noted that Gill needs to be monitored further and assessed by cardiologists and pulmonologists.

In its report, the medical board also said that Gill “is a known case of asthma since childhood and has been on inhaled bronchodilators when required, now presented with shortness of breath, body aches, including left shoulder, back, neck, fight gluteal region and left-sided chest pain”.